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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your information?
Primarily from the poker sites themselves, through their publicly available client software, websites, press releases and data provided exclusively to PokerScout by the poker sites. Some information comes from outside research.
Why are your player counts so small compared to what I see in the poker site's lobby screen?
Poker sites often show the number of "connected players" or "players online" in their lobbies. It's not always clear what this number means, but the sites often seem to use the broadest possible definition of "player," which includes play money players, freeroll tournament players, real money tournament players, cash game players and possibly anyone else that is logged in but not playing. At PokerScout we track and rank sites by cash game players, which is a much smaller (but more relevant) number. Whenever possible, we also provide the number of players online for comparison, but because that number is undefined we do not rely on it.
What is "(un)verified, self-reported data"?
Some sites provide us with a private feed of their player counts to make it easier for us to monitor their traffic. When we use a private feed as our primary source of data, we may randomly check the poker site's lobby to make sure the feed is accurate, and we mark the data as verified. Data that is not checked is labeled as unverified.
How can I get my site listed in your traffic report?
It's easy to get listed, and there are many benefits. Contact us for details!
How often is the information updated?
The game information for each site we track is updated approximately every 10-15 minutes. Sites and networks that we do not actively track are ranked according to traffic estimates which are updated each month.
What time zone do you use?
All times on the website are Pacific Time. Pacific Standard Time is GMT-8, Pacific Daylight (summer) Time is GMT-7.
What do the rankings mean?
Sites are ranked according to 7-day average player counts, so the ranking doesn't tell you which is the "best" site. It only tells you which card rooms have the most cash game players.
What do the other column headings mean?
See definitions and the Legend at the bottom of the traffic report for more information.
What is the peak (highest traffic) time of day?
Different sites have different peak times, depending on where their customers are located. You can see the recent peak times for each site by clicking on the site and then clicking "Peak traffic history."
How can I trust your numbers?
Our player counts are taken from the lobby screens of the poker sites, or are provided to us directly from the operators. You don't have to take anything on faith. We encourage you to check the accuracy of our data. It's easy to do. Just follow these steps:
Step 1: Download the poker client of any of the sites we cover. If it is a network, click on the network name on our homepage to find out which site we use to collect our data. Download the poker client from that site.
Step 2: Pick a game type and limit, for example $1/$2 Limit Hold'em short-handed (6-max).
Step 3: Count the number of real money ring game tables and/or players shown in the poker site's lobby at that limit. Only real money tables with 2 or more players should be counted.
Step 4: On our homepage, click on the site or network and then click on the game type you selected. Compare your count to our detailed breakdown of tables and players. Our data is usually no more than 10 minutes old, so any differences should be small. (If they are not, please let us know.)
Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 for as many different game types and limits as you like.
Step 6: Once you are satisfied that our counts for the individual games are correct, add them all up and check our arithmetic to make sure we have the right total player count.
Can I get a report on some of the data you have collected?
Yes, we have both historical and current data available for purchase or subscription. Please send us an e-mail to inquire about our data reports.
Is it OK if I set up a program to grab some data from your site?
No. We take measures to prevent this. If you try to take our data without authorization, you may end up being permanently barred from viewing our site. We have data reports available for purchase, including a live feed of all the ring game data we collect. Please send us an e-mail to inquire about our data reports.
I want to try something new. Where can I find some of the lesser-known poker games?
See the complete list of poker games offered by the sites we cover.
I want to play with some of the pros I've seen on TV. Where can I find them online?
You can find some of their screen names and favorite haunts here.
Why isn't my favorite site listed in your traffic report?
The site may be part of a network. Check our list of all known poker sites to find out. If the site is missing from our list, please let us know.
I run a poker site, and I would like to have you track our traffic. Is that possible?
Yes. Contact us to find out how.
Your numbers on two different pages don't seem to add up. What's going on?
If you are looking at two pages whose numbers don't match up, it is likely that one of the pages was updated more recently than the other. Refresh both pages and this should clear up the problem. If you still believe there is an inconsistency, or if you think the numbers are just plain wrong, please report the problem in as much detail as possible.
I don't like flickering banner advertisements. How do I get rid of them? We carefully select and place our advertising so as not to be annoying, but if you don't like the ads, there is a simple solution. Simply turn off animations in your web browser. In Internet Explorer, select Tools --> Internet Options. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to Multimedia. Uncheck the box labeled "Play animations in web pages." This will prevent the animations from playing.

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